Our Mantra

  • Hack and Design,

  • Care about your work,

  • Do it honestly,

  • Always with kindness,

  • And never stop learning.


The Icalier Career Path

Join our team, you'll instantly be on a path of professional and personal growth.

Get to work on the best work of your life with the finest team you'll ever come across. Working at Icalia, isn't just a nine to five, its striving to become the best version of yourself. Because in order to make something great, we need someone who is the best version of them as a great team member, coder, designer, person.

Perks for the team

To make sure that both our team members and Icalia is constantly on a path of constant improvement, we provide training, personal coaching, and other amazing perks. In addition, every three months we'll have an honest assessment where we make sure that you get what you need in order to keep improving as a Hacker and Designer.



Improve your coding skills, through constant training and by working with world class programmers.


Medical insurance

Your peace of mind matters. We offer medical insurance to all of our full-time team members.


Your launch pad

Use Icalia as your stepping stone to become a better programmer. Learn about real world problems and how to launch the products that solve them. You might even find a coworker to be your next co-founder, or get to work on the next big thing.


Creative Time

As technology advances and changes, we need to keep up to date. Creative Time allows team members to spend 20% of their time on something not-client related.


Remote work possibilities

We know inspiration often lies outside the building. So no worries, work remotely from time to time and get your groove back.


Online certifications

Take your knowledge to the next level, we can sponsor your certification in any MOOC or online learning platform available.

Join our family!

Let us know if you want to become an Icalier.