Small documents translation made easy.


Dash is a division of Directum, a major firm offering translation services to a wide variety of clients. Dash’s purpose is to focus on translations of brief legal documents, for a more digital-oriented market.


We helped Dash to streamline and digitalize their quote generation process.

When we met Dash, they were trying to free some of their staff’s time, previously invested in managing contact with prospects; generating quotes one by one; handling payments; and so on. They were sure that the market segment they were chasing was looking for quick and practical solutions, and requested us to take such approach with the project.


We tackled the quote generation process directly, translating it to a digital survey and a compact backoffice for the staff. We also provided branding and naming design, completely revamping how the product looks and works.


Easy to use quote generator

We emulated the calculations that the translator follows to make quotes, like calculating word count and evaluating the case based on document type. This allowed customers to request for work, creating pre-calculated quotes on the system.

Dash’s translators then review the quotes and approve them, allowing the automatic online charge for the services. Translators can then focus solely on their jobs, thus improving their capacity of processing job orders.


Translation process tracking.

While the translators do their work, customers are able to see a status of their translation online (particularly useful when customers are waiting for sensitive legal documents), and get notifications once the work is done.