Software Engineer

  • Code execution based on Test-Driven Development
  • Design and development of multiplatform software
  • Integration of components and libraries within deployed and operational products
  • Documentation and maintenance of production software platforms
  • Deployment of software on production environments with code (Infrastructure as code)
  • Responsibility on best standards and practices for agile software development
  • Contribution and collaboration on internal tools, as well in open source

  • Bachelor in Computer Science or equivalent
  • Extensive knowledge in Object Oriented Programming
  • 2+ years using high-level programming languages
  • 1+ years using web development frameworks
  • Relational database knowledge
  • Basic HTML and CSS
  • Knowledge implementing projects with the MVC achitecture
  • Version controller knowledge for personal or collaborative projects
Nice to have:
  • Git knowledge
  • Test driven development experience, ideally Rspec
  • Postgresql experience
  • Experience with jQuery
  • Previous usage of precompilers such as Sass, Less, among others
  • Implemented frameworks for agile prototyping such as Furatto, Bootstrap or Foundation
  • Collaborated on an open source initiative

Send please to
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  • Personal Website
  • Resume