Solving technological challenges that accelerate value growth through digital software products.

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At a glance

Founded in 2012 as an Agile Development Shop, Icalia Labs has evolved into a World-class Nearshore Software Product Firm enabling small and medium-size businesses to translate their digital strategies into tangible value delivery and a managed-risk software development plan. With a customer-centric design and an engineering culture introduced to every product they construct, the firm guides its clients through an agile framework to acquire new digital capabilities and fortify their innovation-to-market mindset.

The company distinguishes itself from many other nearshore custom software development companies because of their way of doing things, the Icalier way, committed to a positive change for humankind driven by software. The firm believes people are a keystone to creating meaningful technology.

Their way of doing things, the Icalier way, committed to a positive change for humankind driven by software.

From a wide range of clients and challenges in the most demanding economies globally, the firm has collaborated with IDEO, Microsoft, PepsiCo, Bud Light, and PointB, to mention a few, offering a reliable range of nearshore software services to generate the impact required using technology as the main force of change.

Their mission is to deliver value through a frictionless software environment, assembling the right people, products, and processes into the mix. We have grown our team all across the Americas, leveraging economies of scale and bringing the best value of the nearshore unfair advantage to the most competitive economy in the world.

Leadership Team

The core of our team derives from a strong sense of action
Isidro Díazsoftware development usa
Isidro Díaz
Mariana Santiago software development usa
Mariana Santiago
Scarlett Garzasoftware development usa
Director, Custom Development
Scarlett Garza
Senyi Bojorquezsoftware development usa
Senyi Bojorquez
George Bonellisoftware development usa
George Bonelli
Alejandra Romerosoftware development usa
Director, People & Culture
Alejandra Romero
Icalia Labs was born as a means to dignify the devs and designers’ professional value.
The company has evolved into a lively group of vetted and multidisciplinary professionals from different backgrounds such as retail, architecture, psychology, and consulting. The core of our team derives from a strong sense of action born out of the engineers and designers building awesome nearshore software solutions.

Our Team

software development usa
Sonia Morales campo 2
Digital Designer
Sonia Moretti
software development usa
Charlie Amezcua
software development usa
Jessica Antonio
software development usa
Software Engineer
Alan Mendicutti
software development usa
Guillermo Alvarez
software development usa
Ruy Schneider
software development usa
Francisco Jiménez
software development usa
Juan Carlos García

Meaningful challenges, meaningful people

Common Values
We share values and beliefs that generate a seamless bonding among us. Every individual path allows us to build connections inside and outside the organization.
Vetted talent
The vetted talent in our ranks is just one part of the equation: we help you create your next professional and personal step within a safe but challenging environment.
Let's build a different path
We are not only a means to an end, we are a collective effort that allows each and every one individual to reach their potential.