Management Consulting

Partner with Icalia as a Development Team for your Managed IT Consulting Services

Management Consulting

Are you looking for a Software Development Partner to Increase your Managed IT Consulting Services?

Icalia is one of the top custom development software companies in Latin America and we are looking to partner with you as the Development Team of your Managed IT Consulting Services.

With the continuously changing business landscape, you may need a team that is knowledgeable, reliable, adapts to your company’s needs and does not increase your overhead...that’s where we step in!

Win More Deals

Become more competitive without sacrificing any quality.

Partner with our software development unit matching any proposal or approach to our agile framework, leveraging economies of scale to have a more competitive price point on the market.

Integrate A Build Capability

Start or strengthen your current technology and development line of business.

Having a proven experience in multiple industries building software products, we are able to align to the management consulting practice, translating your strategic plans into execution and development, all crafted as part of your service

Expand Your Capacity OnDemand

Adapt your operation to your client needs and to your sales cycle.

Augment your operation with our team depending on the size of your client projects and deals, allowing your organization to introduce the required capabilities and costs for a more attractive overall margin.

Access To Intellectual Capital

Support your value through unexplored regions.

Bring world-class talent from regions you haven't explored and leverage economies of scale as your competitive edge, maintaining your quality and service above the rest of the market

Broader Transformational Change

Extend lifetime value in your client portfolio and your company.

Create value add with additional services that will fortify your current offer and will delight your customers.

Nearshore Advantage

Taking the best of all the Americas in tech.

Maintain your standard of quality and take advantage of the proximity, cultural affinity, and alignment you will find with Icalia Labs service.

Icalia Delivers Results

We help drive growth by developing custom software solutions at speed for your clients.

Best Practice Development

Years of experience assures we are  in the best Development practices you’ll need to get up and running with confidence.

Proven Design and Development

We combine design sprints, strategy and innovation expertise to help you create the extraordinary products, services and experiences that will propel your growth.

Excellent Customer Experience

We are Human-Centered. We listen intently to customers and users and put them at the heart of every development. You’ll have a partner in your corner. We are focused on offering the best customer experience both to you and your clients

Proven Experience

Our team is composed of highly experienced developers with years of success working for a multitude of projects. Our knowledge is derived from solving 100s of development challenges with success.

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