Meet Our BRand
Icalia Labs
Allow us to introduce ourselves and answer the existential question: “What is Icalia Labs?”
Our Company
Founded in 2012 as an Agile Development Shop, Icalia Labs has evolved into a World-class Nearshore Software Product Firm enabling small and medium-size businesses to translate their digital strategies into tangible value delivery and a managed-risk software development plan.

What exactly do we do?

With a customer-centric design and an engineering culture introduced to every product we construct, the firm guides our clients through an agile framework to acquire new digital capabilities and fortify their innovation-to-market mindset.

We help companies design, test, build  & scale digital products and enterprise platforms with elite teams in record time.
Icalia Labs is on a mission to guide organizations on their digital journey, helping them envision and construct their products through an innovative approach as their trusted technology advisors.
We see a world where building digital dreams become accessible to everyone
Icalia means "fighter" in Nahuatl, an ancient Mexican dialect. As fighters, we push the boundaries of nearshore software development. Become part of the future with us!
Software will drive the change for humankind and we are committed to being part of it. We believe in pushing the boundaries of nearshore software creation through a compendium of tailored living practices adapting to every single challenge: our legacy. We believe in people. We care about thinking, but mainly about doing. We will always deliver value. We will never sabotage or disrespect anyone or anything in this discipline. We may not always be right, but we certainly will make things our way  — the Icalier way.