A quick intro to the overall culture perspective and why it matters at IL. Either the contact or the "future positions" could be useful.

Icalia means "fighter"
Icalia means "fighter" in Nahuatl, an ancient Mexican dialect. And as fighters, we push the boundaries of nearshore software development. Become part of the future with us!
digital transformation
Software will drive the change for humankind and we are committed to being part of it.

We believe in pushing the boundaries of nearshore software creation through a compendium of tailored living practices adapting to every single challenge: our legacy. We believe in people. We care about thinking, but mainly about doing. We will always deliver value. We will never sabotage or disrespect anyone or anything in this discipline. We may not always be right, but we certainly will make things our way  — the Icalier way.

Icalier Mindset
Way of Being

Deep embedded guidelines set our pace towards individual and collective success.


Generate aspirational opportunities and dignify the human role in building software.


A world where building digital dreams become accessible for everyone.


Deliver value through a frictionless software environment.

We share values and beliefs that create a seamless bonding among us.


Listen, understand and
add value


Believe in yourself and
your team.


Fulfill your promises.


Connect and achieve
assertive conversations.


Honor your team, your
craft and your industry


Do the best, until you
know it can be better.

Be part of a great community

We respect, trust and care for each other, that’s why we craft an onboarding experience and an ongoing learning environment so you can concentrate on delivering your best.

Onboarding for the win

We know joining a new community could be overwhelming if you don’t have experience working remotely. However, with the right tools and setting provided by the Icalia Labs Team you will set into a creative and building mode sooner than you would expect.

Icalier community

Feel free to reach to every member of the team if you are feeling overwhelmed or if you just want to hang out with them. We might be working remotely but we are not alone doing it.


Shared knowledge is the best type of knowledge. As a company, we rollout an annual workshops plan regarding different aspects of your development so you can tackle your personal and professional growth seamlessly. But remember, it’s always up to you to achieve the results you want, we are honored to be your teammates along the way.

Remote Culture

We believe in the importance of being part of a great community. That's why we strive to create the necessary environment and support so every Icalier can thrive on their own. From On-Demand training programs to internal projects, technical and soft skills coaching and constant challenges, we look to build trust in each other and create a sense of belonging and personal empowerment.

Concrete (but flexible) roles
and procedures

Your tasks and how to conquer them don’t have to be complicated to be challenging. We aim towards clear functions, responsibilities, and policies, however, we know the rules of the game are suggested since we thrive and have Agile in our DNA. You will find someone to clear out all your inquiries and a place where you can learn how to improve what we are doing as a team.