We make software easier, safer and faster

Icalia Labs expert software company offers a multidisciplinary development approach for your business.

Open Source Technologies and Tech Stack

Remain at the Forefront of advancing technology

Icalia Labs is part of supportive communities on open source software that are energized to continually introduce innovations. The long-term viability on open source software meets enterprises' needs as they evolve going forward.
Languages & Frameworks

Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Python, ReactJS, EmberJS, GraphQL, iOS, Android, React Native, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, JS

Database systems

PostgreSQL, MySQL

Platforms and Cloud Stack

Heroku, Docker, Google Cloud Platform, AWS

Security Standards and Certifications at Icalia Labs

Protecting your Business

Security has become one of the most valuable applications concerns for online access. We are committed withthis by always improving our practices, to continuously check the software for security holes, through our streamlined automated process.
Processes and Practices of Software Development

We combine practices from Lean and Agile methodologies to ship high quality products on time.

  • DevOps practice: Our DevOps pipeline cycle ensures the quality of the code we write and release by embedding up-to-date practices like CI / CD, bug and performance monitoring, security checkpoints, and automated code testing.

  • Agile Development:Icalia Labs has adopted several agile methodologies in the development and testing processes. These include scrum, kanban, and continual prioritization of tasks as basic planning cycles in each delivery sprint.

  • Service design applied to software products:Our comprehensive approach seeks to envision, prototype, and create excellent products that reduce risk in the development phase and prioritize what matters to users' needs. Icalia Labs ensures successful outcomes through the use of methodologies such as Design Sprint from Google Ventures, we guarantee successful results quickly.

We achieve more, take less time and provide better solutions

With a mix of our expert multidisciplinary software development and modern technology practices.

Proprietary Tools for

In order to help our developers reduce waste and focus on the priorities of each project, Icalia Labs developed Ultron, our powerful proprietary feature engine provider. This tool has allowed us to create Rapid-Application-Development products in record time; minimizing the time-to-market period, as well as automating the development cycles by eliminating all the boilerplate around building and shipping software.

“API on Rails - Best Practices for Developing a RESTful API” by Abraham Kuri - CTO of Icalia Labs

Abraham Kuri, CTO and Co-founder of Icalia Labs is the author of the digital book "APIs with Rails" which has more than 5,286 downloads worldwide in 2 editions. The book is a tutorial on steroids that follows up-to-date best practices for developing a RESTful API.

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