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Introducing Icalia Labs Pods - A fresh approach and solution to your in-house development challenges

Cost-Effective Solutions to Your IT Staffing Shortage

Experienced IT developers, designers and quality assurance managers have a special skill set that is hard to find. And, hiring for these roles can be expensive and time-consuming.  Enter Icalia Labs - an expert in information technology staff augmentation services.

Customizable and scalable based on your IT design and development needs, Pods can be in place quickly, saving you time and energy compared to hiring top level programmers or developers. Our IT staff augmentation service team finds the experts needed to complement your in-house development team.

Icalia Labs is a Nearshore Technology and Software Development Solutions Provider offering services from Mexico and Latin America. We have a concentration of our remote teams in the Monterrey and Mexico City areas along with an office in Austin, TX. We look forward to speaking to you and learning more about your challenges and how we can help you.

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Save time and energy

Customizable and scalable based on your IT design and development needs, Pods can be in place quickly, saving you time and energy compared to hiring top level programmers or developers. Our team easily   scales your in-house development team for short-term or long-term projects.

Ensure Success

With quality management and success practices built into every Pod, your IT project will stay on track and on budget. Pods are charged at a fixed monthly price, so there isn’t a concern about overruns.  And if you’re not satisfied after 30 days, we’ll discontinue efforts.

Leverage Nearshoring Benefits

Get cultural compatibility, ease of communication, time zone alignment and cost effectiveness with our nearshore Pods.  Our IT developers, designers and tech leads offer expertise with the latest open source technologies and software development practices.
This is How We Can Help:

Talk to us about your talent needs and the digital platform(s)/product(s) you are working on and let us suggest the right solution or the right-sized Pod configuration for you.

From 2 to 5 programmers or developers, a Pod can include Tech Leads, developers, and designers supported with technical leadership and quality assurance. Pods make your life a little easier every day.

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