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How CFOs Can Cut Tech Costs With Nearshore Software Development
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The Top Benefits of Going Nearshore with Icalia

💡Tap into a skilled workforce almost instantly: Access an extra talent pool for recruiting and retaining the tech talent you need.

💰 Lower your software development costs significantly: Save up to 90% by investing in nearshore software development every year.

🕐 Collaborate in similar time zones: Work faster in easy-to-collaborate time zones, with fewer roadblocks and more efficiency.

🌎 Enjoy geographical proximity for ease of travel: Closely monitor your project processes with visits from your subcontracted team due to their proximity to your workplace.

🗣 Communicate easily with fluent English speakers: Working with a team with a similar culture, time zone, and language makes it possible for the nearshore team to integrate with your team seamlessly.

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Cost-Effective Solutions to Your IT Staffing Shortage

Experienced IT developers, designers, and quality assurance managers have a unique skill set that is hard to find. And, hiring for these roles can be costly and time-consuming. Attracting, hiring, and retaining these professionals is one of the biggest challenges for tech companies in 2023.