All you need is Ruby on Rails

Innovation commonly comes along with technology, so transformation must be a virtue and a constant in this digital ecosystem.

Faced with this scenario, we find ourselves under the premise of knowing that, if technologies do not evolve and adapt in this changing environment, they will inevitably head towards extinction.

Few technologies have in their DNA the scalability and flexibility that is needed to survive these drastic changes that technology implies, that is why Ruby on Rails has a special place in the programmers' workspace, since it has proven to be a digital trend that responds to the updates and disruption that characterize technology.

Ruby on Rails was developed in 2004 based on Ruby, which was created in 1995 as a need to facilitate programming and build digital architectures. Ruby, just like the simplicity of its name, can be easily learned, and for this quality it has gained the popularity that it has at the moment, thanks to its great results, capabilities and simplicity of code.

Over time, technology advances and ROR is not far behind, it stays friendly and always ready for any update and trend that arises in the digital field.

Ruby on Rails for everyone!

We are in an environment dominated by applications, websites and e-commerce, where consumers completely depend on mobile devices and demand personalized and enhanced experiences, all in order to save effort and time.

Aware of this, organizations from all sectors are beginning to build software and experiences based on the digital environment, so they choose to take simple options that allow them to maintain the profitability and continuity of the processes in this technological update process.

That is when Ruby on Rails technology, Ruby for acquainted developers, takes the center stage. With the ability to remain relevant despite the years that have passed since its invention, this technology is still one of the most widely used today, thanks to its high adaptability and speed of implementation.

Being its application in web development one of the most used environments, Ruby allows developers to develop a software platform faster than other programming languages such as Java, thanks to its simplicity of code, which translates into cost savings in resources, time and effort.

This is the reason why Ruby on Rails is an excellent option for decision makers looking to develop their websites or applications under a code that is easy to implement and has scalability qualities; this technology allows you to create large backends with an organized team and clear goals.

Ruby on Rails is an alternative for all sectors that are going through a process of technological expansion and that seek to offer a fast and efficient service to their suppliers and clients.

Did you know that the commercial sector is one of the most benefited by this technology? Nevertheless, the truth is that ROR is made for all types of projects regardless of their level of complexity.

The dream of programmers and developers

In early days, the development, update or maintenance requirements of a platform were the greatest ordeal for programmers and developers, who had to work under a complex language. This process involved a large number of layers in the development of the project.

That is when Ruby on Rails breaks the scene to be a fully empathetic technology with the demands of code language simplification, ease of use and flexibility, as well as the elimination of technical complexity, fully adjustable to any field and digital need.

Thanks to these capacities and qualities, the time previously invested in understanding and executing code is now instead used to the performance and quality that only ROR promises. In this way it is possible to focus on solving problems and advancing in other areas that improve the project in progress.

That's right, no more waste of excessive time, no more unnecessary areas and people involved that can slow down the progress of the project, no more knowledge barriers to execute the platform.

When describing ROR in the language of programmers and developers, it translates as agility in the project path, scalability to a great extent, and ease of implementation and code execution: a dream come true.

ROR: advantages and more advantages

Choosing Ruby On Rails is choosing quality and speed at the same time. It is choosing a tool where the limits are set by the programmer skills, not by the technology. The advantages are increasing, and we show you some of them:

  • Working under a simplified scheme conveys the same experience to the work team involved, which allows better synergy and sharing the same approach during the development of the project.
  • Being an open source, it can be used by the entire team while staying within the initial budget, which allows you to add features without spending extra time and effort or endangering the profitability of the company.
  • Profitability, security and scalability are the three virtues guaranteed when using ROR, regardless of the type or complexity of the project.

Eager to use Ruby on Rails? Don't know where to start? We Icaliers do know! Leave it in the hands of the experts, you have come to the right place.

Contact us and tell us about your project. We are beyond familiar with this technology. Our extensive expertise in offering services of this nature support us in the development of software based on ROR. During our history we have built countless Ruby on Rails projects for various industries, always based on trends and innovative solutions, assuring our clients satisfaction.

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