Custom Device Design: The New Era of User Experience

From the above we can conclude the following: mobile devices continue to be the main protagonists in the path of business digitalization, as they play the role of enablers to carry out both remote and hybrid work.

As expected, with this technological proliferation, new challenges arise, and one of the most important is to get users to use these mobile devices consciously, in a way that can be translated into productivity, cost savings, resource optimization and improvement in decision making. Likewise, and under the premise of the importance of user experience, these devices must be agile and easy to use for the user for whom they are intended.

A challenge with a solution

Visualize a logistics company, a sector that has evolved by leaps and bounds in the last two years due to the e-commerce growth, which caused an optimization in supply chains.

Logistics processes demand the use of many mobile devices, as well as a considerable workforce to carry out supply chains.

These agents have very specific tasks, so it is necessary that the mobile devices they use are totally focused on their tasks, no more, no less.

Now, imagine the following initial scenario:

  • Inventory managers can track, from their assigned mobile device and in real time, merchandise movements, outputs and inputs.
  • Knowing the location history of the distributors through a specialized location service is simple, making time and resources optimization possible.
  • Assigned mobile devices can be fully controlled, from their content to applications, reinforcing information security and customizing the user experience, reducing distraction and downtime.
  • The administration of these custom devices can be done easily, from the cloud, and managed through an easy-to-manage platform that can perform intuitive deployments.

It's a fact, customizing the user experience on mobile devices to focus results is already underway. It is a more accurate way to ensure results and benefits for your company, as well as improve the agility and performance of your collaborators.

To fulfill these new demands, software development plays the main role, considering that:

  • The main focus should be mobility and devices intended for this purpose.
  • The creation of this new interface must consider scalability to carry out high-performance tasks. That is why methodology and prototypes are essential before moving forward.
  • Software design, validation, construction and scaling can be totally customized to the needs of each client and industry.

After knowing this information, we are sure that you will be eager to take the connectivity and digital experience of your collaborators to the next level, and at Icalia Labs we are ready to help you achieve it.

Our extensive software development experience allows us to offer our clients customized solutions regardless of the segment they belong to, with support and maintenance guarantee, which translates into benefits, profitability and results for your business.

Let us go along with you and boost you in this new digital stage. Contact us and get ready to take your business beyond your own limits. We are ready, leave it in our hands.

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