What is Engineer Culture and what are its best practices?

Nobody said that innovating and creating is an easy task. It is a talent that demands a very rigid discipline, a term that engineers especially understand and demonstrate day after day with their behaviors and pre-established rules, which allow them to carry out their activities, but what is needed to create beyond expectations?

The answer lies in the Engineer Culture, which has gained great relevance in recent years.

What is Engineer Culture and what are its best practices?

Before our first approach, let's remember that Culture refers to the set of norms and behaviors that distinguish a specific group of people who share certain interests, beliefs or habits, which will determine their role in society.

Returning to the previous idea, we understand the Engineer Culture as a series of behaviors and values developed by those who exercise this profession. These behaviors find their genesis in the best way to carry out the creation of new products, and to fully enter the subject that interests us, in software development.

As you can imagine, this culture will define the entire process that surrounds the result, that is, from the prototype to the final product, which entails teamwork from different areas, where the best values and beliefs must be taken into account to define orientation by the leaders of the organizations.

In the processes of achieving harmony in work teams and streamlining decision-making, the Engineer's Culture plays a highly relevant role; it is about centralizing values, efforts and beliefs towards a single goal: the flawless creation of a software.

As we mentioned at the beginning: it is not easy, and now we must add: the difficulty  lies in the task of orchestrating previous values and behaviors. That is why we share with you some of the best practices to make Engineer Culture the DNA of your organization or your workforce.

  • Everything is client focussed

The most important aspect to ensure that the Engineer's Culture is properly oriented, is remembering at all times that the effort to be made is based on the client's needs. That is why the development cycle must be planned in the same way, as well as the methodology to be used, the best processes between areas and task management up to quality controls and product coding. If all these tasks are focused on customers and their needs, it is easier to create and innovate, deliver similar results and quickly solve problems.

  • Communication is vital

Even when we know the best practices to achieve an optimal Engineer Culture, how can we achieve it if there is no effective communication between our teams?

This is one of the most relevant challenges, since it proposes an effective exchange of ideas, procedures, approaches, values and beliefs between the people involved in a project.

We know diversity can be complex, but it can bring more benefits if you manage to implement new values, which must be focused on generating a shared environment, where the high-rank officials can and must be involved in all areas, always assuming the function of creating a new culture that will generate greater value inside and outside the organization.

At Icalia Labs we are thrilled to implement these new approaches and make our people always feel confident, in an environment where they can function and innovate through very specific values such as kindness and honesty, values and beliefs that create a perfect bond between us.

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