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Do your clients love your services? How much do they do? These questions are definitely synonymous with customer satisfaction, that means, the level of competitiveness you have in the market. This principle extends to retail banking as well, as it has faced multiple and significant changes in user behavior and has responded to them through the right technology.

It is time to accept it: people have put their lives in the hands of technology, and their financial lives are not left out of this premise.

It is more than proven that people choose a bank based on the opinions of customers, on comments posted on social networks but, above all, on the references of acquaintances, family or friends about the quality of digital services.

For example, what is the worst thing that can happen to a bank nowadays? Exactly, that their app does not work. This incident may seem simple but, in the long term, it can result in serious losses.

  • Say goodbye to your positioning in social networks, media like Twitter are in charge of positioning user complaints and achieving  great magnitude reach.
  • The journalistic media will begin to talk about you, ok, but not as you had dreamed.
  • The most intelligent thing to do is not to remain silent, making a statement is a good solution, but it is temporary.
  • While you are trying to implement a digital damage control, customers are complaining on social media.. and they are also looking for a better banking option.

That's right, all this process is the result of a poor customer experience, so encouraging a gradual optimization of these services becomes the most important thing for the retail banking sector.

Nothing can replace remote and uninterrupted services

Achieving an omnichannel environment is one of the main goals of retail banking, there is no doubt, but what good is it if your services are bad?

Imagine that a client wants to apply for a loan, asks for information on your Facebook page and you leave the job to automated responses for more than 1 hour. This mistake can cost you a valuable consumer and decrease your market share.

However, do not worry, we tell you what you should take into account if what you are looking for is to provide an excellent service that translates into the complete satisfaction of your customers:

  • Mobile apps to guarantee your success and competitiveness

What would financial life be without mobile apps? If you want to ensure the permanence of your organization, apps are not an option, they are an increasingly critical and absolutely necessary resource.

Customers value a functional, intuitive app that allows them to manage their monetary resources at any time and place, even more so, a platform that has the possibility of contacting an agent if needed.

  • Your social networks are your backup sales force

Social networks can be your best allies if you want to. It is just a matter of giving them the seriousness that customers see in them through real-time and, above all, personalized attention. Do not forget that everything is known and spread through these media, so managing them as they deserve will result in excellent direct and indirect recommendations among your target audience.

  • The Call Center is still more than relevant

Even with the rise of social networks, the call center continues to be the most important source of attention and communication between users and companies. Do not forget to provide it with functionalities and new technologies such as Cloud and AI to learn from your clients and consumers. In this way you will be able to take full advantage of some algorithms such as voice recognition and emotions.

In this sense, remember that customers seek clear, fast and direct solutions, so nothing replaces the capacity, training and expertise of agents that can be able to deal with each situation, in addition to digital knowledge to provide effective and timely follow-up in a constant manner.

  • Be careful of chatbots!

We are not saying that you must not use them, but that it is the best way to avoid premature tripping.

In its beginnings, chatbots were considered as damaging to customer service due to the automated responses that pretended (in a weak way) to provide an immediate and generic solution to customers, so they were discarded for those brands or companies who wanted to retain and attract consumers interested in their services and their quality.

Over time and based on new technologies such as Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, chatbots have become great boosters of opportunities to increase customer satisfaction levels, due to their great capacity for automated learning and their ability to provide customer service that is often perceived as personalized.

Of course, the secret is based on its constant optimization in addition with the artificial learning acquired and the preferences of the users.

Satisfied customers are happy customers

Now that you know how to combine these aspects through the ideal technological tools, shall we start now?

At Icalia Labs we know the challenges that the financial industry is going through, so one of our service aspects is based on creating the appropriate technological tools to consolidate this industry as a benchmark in digital transformation.

Identifying and developing new growth opportunities for our clients is our specialty, since, as part of our financial services, we develop a great variety of software for banks, credit unions and financial providers to provide digital solutions that translate into commercial success.

Contact us and we will talk about your project. Together we will trace your path to success through the ideal technology.

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