How to Know if Nearshore IT Staff Augmentation is What You Need

Going global with staff augmentation

As remote work continues to grow in popularity and at exceptional rates, companies are now looking to non-traditional ways of enhancing their teams and improving their productivity, all while saving time and money. 

Over the last few decades, IT staff augmentation and outsourcing options have become commonplace in the tech industry, and even more so since the onset of Covid-19. Because of this, remote work is no longer taking a back seat and now, according to the Economist, 75% of tech job listings mention remote work. 

IT staff augmentation is uniquely designed to solve the needs of a remote-first workplace and economy. IT staff augmentation combines extended software development with a high degree of team collaboration and managerial control, helping companies reduce cost, keep productivity levels up and maintain overall control of business operations.

But, as the workspace continues to change, companies and decision-makers are faced with more and more staff augmentation options, not knowing which one will best benefit them in the long run. There are many options out there including offshore outsourcing, onshore and nearshore. As nearshore IT staff augmentation continues to gain popularity because of the cost-effectiveness and geographical friendliness it offers, this blog aims to provide useful advice on how to know if nearshore IT staff augmentation is what you and your company need for your next project. 

Your hiring efforts are becoming more and more challenging

Struggles brought about by The Great Resignation (where qualified candidates are quitting their jobs at an alarming rate), tons of underqualified applicants knocking at the door, and candidates that decline the job offers after finishing interview rounds are just some of the hiring headaches recruiters and HR teams are currently facing. Sourcing and hiring cycles are becoming more challenging and time-consuming as workforce demand is increasing at a staggering rate. If you are facing the burden of having to put important projects on hold due to hiring difficulties, you are not alone. Nearshore IT staff augmentation services solve this by being able to give you access to the talent you need, almost immediately.

Nearshore IT staff augmentation service providers come with an available team of professionals that can quickly adapt to your project scope. At Icalia Labs, we have introduced Icalia Pods - a bundle of IT staff developers, designers and quality assurance professionals that become part of your team and help to complete your projects.  

You are facing a local talent shortage

Largely related to hiring struggles is the lack of specialized, experienced and domain-centric talent. Your company may be facing a local talent shortage preventing you from getting the ball rolling and causing an unnecessary standstill. 

Nearshore IT staff augmentation provides companies with professional talent by tapping into a larger talent pool, beyond local borders and within neighboring countries. Today, many companies in the US are investing in nearshore as their preferred IT staff augmentation solution and are accessing available and specialized talent in markets like Mexico and other countries in Latin America. 

Nearshore IT staff augmentation helps companies avoid the potential loss of not having access to local talent by extending geographical and demographic boundaries altogether. Countries in the same or similar time zones like Mexico, Brazil and Colombia are home to an increasing number of highly skilled professionals that come with the experience hiring companies need, giving them timely access to the talent they need, when they need it.

You don't have time to invest in training and upskilling

Business can't stand still and you may not have the time or budget to invest in training and upskilling programs for your in-house and local teams. By turning to nearshore IT staff augmentation, you will already have access to professionals who come with experience and a specific skill set that can get a project started at a much faster pace. 

While training programs and upskilling initiatives serve great purposes, when projects are urgent and things can't wait, the best and most convenient solution is to invest in nearshore IT staff augmentation.

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