A difficult task Establishing the efficiency of software development is complex, since it involves considering the resources needed for its creation, as well as the difficulty and human work entailed.

It can become difficult to measure when moving from traditional technology to current models that are constantly implemented in all sectors, caused by the increase of scalability and the sophistication of the code to perform new functions.

When talking about programming and computing, it was established long ago that there is no neutral and objective way to perform this measurement, but now, with the technological acceleration and specialized tools development, we can address some indicators that can do this task and optimize according to the data obtained.

  • Measuring time is measuring progress.

Nowadays, time measurement is essential to start taking decisions based on the progress of the project, for which it is necessary to consider the duration of software development, considering the resources and capacities; In addition, taking into account setbacks due to any unforeseen event is essential for this measurement to be useful. On the other hand, the estimates of the time invested are precise to represent the work implemented and that is going to be carried out. In this way it is possible to visualize the advances comparing them with the real data to streamline processes during development.

  • Agility: the key in optimizing software development

Knowing the speed in which the project is advancing allows real time estimates of delivery dates, that is, it is taken into account as a way of planning the capabilities and limits of the work team involved, as well as dealing with unforeseen tolerable events.

  • Measuring errors is measuring quality

There cannot be development without making viable mistakes, and as contradictory as it may seem, measuring those errors correctly can contribute to the project development process. Along the way, there are some features or requests that may take more time or do not work as expected. The measurement of these estimates will take us to the next level in terms of optimizations during the project and the work team.

Now that you have this information, you will notice that the measurement of software development productivity is based on the premise of obtaining the highest yield and performance of the resources, where the work is kept flowing in the most possible optimized way, depending on the objectives and the project type. Likewise, being able to identify on time capacities, resources, and response and delivery times allows continuous improvement of processes, which translates into valuable information that can be used in the short and long term.

Nothing is possible without the suitable methodology
Agile methodologies evolve continuously and ensure growth in all the sectors that implement them, and in this type of processes there are no exceptions, since technology goes hand in hand with the analysis of work by areas and time periods, precisely the objective of the different sprints that compose them.

The processes of producing, creating and making mistakes have no future without an intelligent approach, so each life cycle requires proper planning, requirements analysis, design, coding and testing for timely documentation.

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