In-house or external software development? Important considerations

To outsource or not to outsource a software creation project? What factors are relevant to carry it out internally? If you need a specific software for your company, surely these questions are going through your head. Don't worry, this article is the ultimate guide for those decision makers who are considering developing custom software.

In the current context where organizations are advancing by leaps and bounds towards digital transformation, having software platforms becomes the cornerstone that defines the competitiveness and agility of the teams working on the project.

The need continues

One of the main lessons we have learned during the pandemic is the new requirements of consumers. With the growth of e-commerce, remote work and the implementation of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, users demand personalized, efficient and intelligent digital experiences.

There is no better time for social media and apps than right now.

In a forecast by the consulting firm Forrester Research, by the end of 2022 80% of consumers will perceive a completely digital world, without barriers to face-to-face life, with higher expectations of better working digital experiences. Therefore, they expect companies to pay special attention to creating a successful and sustainable digital customer experience.

As expected, in order to maintain the current digital context, a global increase in software investment is expected, so companies are more interested every day in building architectures and platforms based on user experience and in generating an immersive digital experience.

In this sense, software is the ideal response to achieve goals in an innovative way. This not only works to increase the added value of companies, but also to take advantage of the data obtained and improve the experience of internal users, suppliers and, of course, customers.

This is why organizations are focusing their digital transformation strategies on software development, so businesses are increasingly conceived along this line and are capable of making more agile and intelligent decisions.

In-house software development: initial considerations and benefits.

There is no doubt that planning custom software development is, in the first instance, the sum of the effort of experts in the field and of the computer programming language. In this sense, it is necessary to have this initial condition in mind if you are thinking of carrying out this work through the internal team of your company.

In the second place, when contemplating the possibility of creating the software internally, you must consider whether an investment in physical equipment and internal technology is required, in addition to the equipment needed to adequately monitor the progress and scope of the project, as well as if the talent has sufficient knowledge and expertise.

One of the most relevant advantages of this type of software is the competitive mastery that the company acquires by itself, since, by having its own resources, it satisfies its needs and the final product is the closest to meeting its initial requirements.

Outsourced Software Development: Endless Possibilities

Unlike the in-house software creation, this modality has a wide variety of considerations and, above all, advantages and benefits that translate into added value for both the company and the service provider.

Before going into the matter, it is worth mentioning that this option is the most chosen among companies that seek to increase their digital tools and possibilities, since having a service from an external provider allows them to satisfy their needs and have a fresh and specialized vision of experts in the field.

Likewise, it is proven that an external software provider has the necessary methodologies, personnel and infrastructure to minimize errors and incidents throughout the product development process, which means better optimization of efforts, time and resources.

On the other hand, this option allows higher monetary savings, since the investment of permanent information technology solutions is reduced and only enough is contracted for the creation of the software in question.

This modality also allows covering beyond the companies' expectations, since the suppliers are certified and have a bigger portfolio of solutions thanks to their trajectory, which allows them to contribute innovation and new ideas according to the line of business and special requirements of your company.

As you can see, outsourcing the development of your software programs and platforms gives added value and competitiveness to your company.

At Icalia Labs we understand our clients' needs, so we create software solutions tailored to their requirements and demands, using the most up-to-date and cutting-edge technology available. We are committed to accelerating opportunities for organizations, so we invite you to contact us, learn about our work and specialized team, and let us be part of the exponential growth of your organization.

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