Principles to start building scalable applications

Imagine that you need an application to be used by your collaborators, but you soon realize that it can also become functional for your suppliers, so you need to increase the functionalities and capabilities of your initial application. What do you think the performance of your application will be when implementing these new functions? or at least do you think it will work in the first instance?

Many developers can assume the task of creating a specific operational functionalities application but, in order to have a more flexible and scalable app, you will need advanced knowledge and greater experience which can help to trace the best technological strategy in companies.

 You are about to achieve it. Just take note.

Think about the needs of the software

First of all, achieving a scalable architecture in the development of an application requires certain technical specifications called System Quality Attributes. Some of them are:

  • Reliability. Can you trust that your application will work correctly even with the constant risk of human error?
  • Scalability. Can your application grow in functionality and complexity at any time?
  • Maintenance. Can your application continue to function normally while you add new features?

These questions can give you a hint if your application is scalable or not, as well as give you a guideline to develop it with this feature.

Cloud: your best ally

Achieving scalability of an application is a much easier task if we use cloud as the primary enabling technology. This allows the simplification of many things, such as physical equipment, which let us focus on software development and enhance aspects such as the performance of the cloud that is being used, improve latency and the data transferred.

There are two ways to scale an application infrastructure: vertically and horizontally. These refer to the way of approaching the scalability of an app, either maximizing the capabilities of the components or adding new ones.

Choose the tech stack wisely

Programming language and software elements are vital in the first stage of an application development, as they determine its base, which affects everything from operation to user experience.

At this point it is worth considering the programming language and the database to be used, since it is recommended that both are compatible with the needs of the application, as well as being easy to manipulate and keep updated.

CDN (content delivery network) and Cache: your best allies

Using user data to improve the scalability of your application is the key to minimizing response time and better distributing requests between servers.

It is a great challenge, but it is possible

Nobody said it will be easy. These principles make evident the time, advanced technical knowledge and dedicated human talent needed to build a scalable application but, above all, the full picture of the program needs in the short and long term. In the end, it's about solving a need, not creating more problems by trying to do it.

At Icalia Labs we are aware of this technological challenge and the relevance that applications are acquiring, especially with the latest technological acceleration wave. That is why we have extensive experience in the development of flexible applications that meet the needs of our clients.

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