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When we talk about an error report, we also talk about effectiveness, resulting in the way and the time in which the problem is going to be solved. Why make a bug report? To address and resolve issues satisfactorily.

Thus, it is not enough to just present the error report, it must have consistency and present an acceptable margin, elements to be considered by the programmer at the time of its solution or take it as something irreparable, in addition to helping to avoid similar events in the future.

It is not the end of the world

Although it is about reporting an error, the way it is presented is the key to make it effective and understandable for all the areas that will be involved in the solution implementation.

Take note, these are the elements you should consider to deliver a fully professional (and effective) Software Bug Reporting:

  • Approach. Remember that you must present the problem briefly and concisely, besides using accessible language for all areas that will help solve it.
  • Abstract. In a very specific way, offer a summary of the problem with enough context so that the areas, especially the programming area, can know the exact moment in which the error arose, as well as the explanation of how and where the event occurred.
  • Visual resources. To offer a better explanation of the problem, you can illustrate it with images, screenshots or other graphic resources that allow a more easy and quick understanding. In this step you can take the opportunity to say what you expected from the platform and what the specific error is.
  • Actions that cause the bug. This is one of the most important elements, since it is about explaining the steps to follow to replicate the bug. Try to offer a synthesized and easy to carry out process. Once again, you can support yourself with visual resources.
  • Technical environment. Especially for developers' use, be sure to include information such as the operating system the error is being reproduced on, the browser being used, the source URL, the type of device being used, as well as console logs. This allows identifying the root of the problem.
  • Caused damages. For future considerations, make a list of consequences, such as monetary, time and resource losses.
  • Priority. From minor, medium to low, it establishes the seriousness of the bug so that its solution can be defined in terms of time and available resources.
  • Essentials. Basic elements help your Software Bug Report not to go unnoticed, it includes a case number, your name, the person or area in which the solution of the problem affects, as well as the due date.

The solution is in your hands

As you can see, solving bugs in an easy and effective way depends on a full Software Bug Reporting. It allows a complete understanding and 

As you can see, solving bugs in a quick and efficient way depends on a full report. It allows a serious consideration, as well as facilitating tasks and improving processes in the work team. On the other hand, this procedure will help you to correctly document bugs and avoid their replication, optimizing your current resources.

Are you interested in carrying out this process efficiently in your organization? At Icalia Labs we can help you. We are prepared to establish methodologies that provide relevant data and information to ensure your operation, as well as maximize your growth opportunities even despite the mistakes that may arise in your daily operation.

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