Software Developers’ Soft Skills: the secret for professional growth

Among the new skills that companies most strongly demand are soft skills, which are positioned as the most required in the workplace in 2022.

These kinds of skills concentrate on the talent's attributes and personal characteristics, which will directly impact the way in which they carry out their work. Soft skills prioritizes the talent's personality, upon their technical knowledge.

In recent years, soft skills have demonstrated their impact on the productivity of software developers’ teams and the profitability of organizations since, with the great leaps and bounds of digitalization, it is necessary to return to the companies' human side and in their way to perform their duties, as well as improve their work team interaction day after day.

What is expected of software developers’ soft skills in 2022?

The way of work during this year is uncertain: remote work or hybrid? That is why focussing on soft skills is extremely important for companies. Here are some of the trends that are positioned as those that will define the capabilities and future employment of employees:

  • Time management

Managing time correctly is no longer enough. Seizing every moment and achieving a work-life balance is required, which is the key to preparing for the unexpected and increasing work productivity.

  • Cognitive skills

The permanent use of technology has greatly diminished people's ability to express themselves. It is necessary to recover this skill and people must be able to convey their ideas clearly and concisely.

  • Data interpretation

Faced with an automated world through correct data analysis, the skill of processing all the information correctly is necessary. This reflects positively on the collaborator's results and productivity.

  • Emotional intelligence

In a scenario ruled by the emotional instability caused by confinement, collaborators must obtain a personal balance that translates into their ability to express and understand emotions, both their own and those of others.

  • Resilience

This soft skill is one of the most relevant, especially this year, since it is the ability to positively face totally unforeseen and out-of-control situations, such as the pandemic caused by COVID-19. In this skill, the patience, positivism and tenacity of the collaborators play a fundamental role.

In conclusion, soft skills denote a need for reconfiguration in the personality of software developers, which will be based on the technological acceleration and new practices such as hybrid or totally remote work, that will preveal this year.

At Icalia Labs we know the importance of promoting this type of skills in the people who are part of our community, since their personal development and work performance depend on this. That is why we have several programs and training, aimed at creating a sense of belonging and personal empowerment.

If you are interested in being part of our community, we invite you to be aware of our website and the professional opportunities we have for you.

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