Talent management: challenges and trends for 2022

With schemes such as hybrid and fully digital work environments, companies must understand the challenge of the new demands of employees, so this 2022 is marked by trends imposed by the workforce.

The last two years have changed human capital and, even more, they have changed employees who are now aware of their capabilities and needs, which must be driven, in part, by their employers.

Specialists in the field suggest that maintaining an optimal employee experience, constant training, and diversity and inclusion are part of the priorities for the Human Resources areas in 2022.

How to achieve effective talent management?

Talent management goes far beyond providing some benefits to collaborators. It is about attracting the best talent available, developing their skills in the best way, motivating them for the work they do day after day and retaining them in the company so that they perform their best.

This is the reason why these processes should not be underestimated and effective strategies should be developed to ensure the performance of the company and the collaborators as a whole.

To start this process, it is suggested that goals and objectives are established for each of these tactics, since there is a risk that the results will not be those desired and that employees will look for other employment options.

It is also essential that these tactics are based on the interests and well-being of the collaborator, since it depends on this that they carry out their work motivated and correctly.

The work environment is an aspect that is often underrated by organizations; talent management must consider it as essential to keep a productive, loyal and fulfilled work team.

Finally, it is important that all processes related to HR are part of a main strategy, beginning from the selection of personnel, up to their constant training, which must apply the best practices and pay attention to attract the best talent available and contribute to the growth and success of the company.

It is an undeniable fact that talent management must be planned through concrete actions, where the welfare and growth of the employee is the main goal.

Priorities and trends for 2022

It is a fact that talent management must be planned through concrete actions, where the welfare and growth of the employee is the principal goal.

Keep reading, we will tell you these priorities, ordered from high to low, according to the PAE Group, a company focused on human capital:

  1. Retention of key talent
  2. Employee emotional well-being
  3. Establish competitive salary policies
  4. Link Human Resources management to business results
  5. Develop among staff a sense of belonging
  6. Digitization of Human Resources processes
  7. Implement hybrid working models
  8. Improve the employee experience
  9. Employee skills development
  10. Employer brand development
  11. Productivity of employees in telecommuting
  12. Adoption of agile methodologies
  13. Develop collaborative social networks

The result of learning

It is clear that these priorities represent the lessons learned from the pandemic.

First of all, we know that forced confinement and remote work exposed the adaptation capabilities of the collaborators, which represented a great chance to identify their strengths and areas of opportunity. Given this, talent management requires the retention of key and trained personnel to carry out the work and go beyond the initial hiring expectations.

Likewise, confinement and digitization backfired for some employees who found this combination to be overwhelming. Nowadays, companies understand the importance of the workforce having a balance in their work and personal lives, even if they work from home.

In addition, it is important to consider economic factors and the current scenario, which is why companies place employees in this scheme and need to offer a competitive salary to achieve a synergy of productivity and talent for the company.

Completing this analysis of high priorities, we find that digitization of processes and work continues to be a determining factor for talent management.

Today, employees demand remote work or, at least, a hybrid scheme that allows them to enjoy the advantages provided, so implementing and providing the necessary technological tools is one of the top priorities for the Human Resources areas nowadays.

At Icalia Labs we are fully aware that these priorities are the keys to achieving our goals as a company, so advancing towards their fulfillment are some of our goals this year.

Flexibility and digitization are a main part of our DNA, which is why our talent management approach focuses on the well-being and balance of our employees, the great enablers of our goals.

We invite you to keep an eye on our social networks and our website to find out about our vacancies and join our work team, as we are constantly searching for the best talent available.

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