The Benefits of Working with an IT Staff Augmentation Company

All successful businesses need to have the right tools and talent on hand at the right time. The correct amount of talent needed to take on new and upcoming projects is crucial for companies to achieve their goals while not overcomplicating and making the process more difficult than it should be. 

When a company changes its course of direction and adjusts its goals, strategies, and processes, not having the qualified talent to correctly manage these changes will lead to a lot of difficulties down the road. Not having qualified employees at the right time and having to invest in costly, time-consuming, local hiring and training is an added burden for everyone. 

What happens when goals change once again, and instead of having the need to add more headcount, now you need to downsize? Having a full in-house team will inevitably make that more complex, both financially and legally (for HR-related processes). 

Working with an IT staff augmentation company comes with clear benefits that directly deal with the above scenarios by helping organizations become more flexible and efficient, all while saving a significant amount of money in the process.  

The Benefits of Working with an IT Staff Augmentation Company

Cut costs and save money

A benefit of working with an IT staff augmentation company is that you can hire skilled professionals at a cost-effective rate. Because hiring companies are using IT staff augmentation for a fixed period of time or, for a specific project, they don’t have to cover ‘’long-term’’ employment costs and are able to access the talent they need at a fraction of the cost of traditional hiring. Companies only have to pay talent for a fixed, defined period allowing them to budget accordingly. Examples of where companies save when working with an IT staff augmentation company are many, but here are a few of the most popular:

  • Recruitment processes and hiring mistakes
  • Lower turnover rates
  • Training and upskilling for full-time employees
  • Full-time employee benefits such as insurance
  • Rent and office space (Most augmented employees work remotely)
  • Payroll costs

Get your projects off the ground faster

When choosing to hire services from an IT staff augmentation company, augmented staff are able to provide services soon after starting. This way, client companies don’t have to spend time making internal adjustments, finding and hiring new, qualified staff, or upskilling those they already have. The reason why companies are able to get projects ramped up faster with IT staff augmentation is that they are provided services from professionals that already come with domain-centric skills, experience, and knowledge. As clients, companies are also able to enjoy full control and visibility over projects while having the final say when it comes to project specifications and scope.  

Enjoy staffing flexibility

One of the most popular benefits of IT staff augmentation is workforce flexibility which is one of the main factors that directly affect the cost of hiring. With staff augmentation, companies are able to enjoy access to a flexible workforce that is hired on a temporary basis.

Companies that may not be able to recruit and hire IT talent at the pace that they need to can turn to staff augmentation to augment their team much faster. In contrast, when companies find themselves in a scenario where downsizing is the only convenient option they can enjoy the flexibility of only hiring and working with the number of employees that they really need.

By working with an IT staff augmentation company, clients can choose to work with the best professionals based on project demand without being tied down to the commitments that full-time hiring brings.

Gain access to a larger talent pool

No longer are companies restricted to sourcing and hiring talent within their own geographical boundaries. Thanks to IT staff augmentation options like nearshore outsourcing, companies now have access to a larger pool of talent in neighboring countries. This enables companies to find both skilled and available talent faster and usually at a much more attractive cost. 

Short-term hiring paves the way for companies to have access to available, skilled professionals. Unlike permanent, traditional hiring, IT staff augmentation does not restrict a company’s ability to tap into available talent in the market. IT staff augmentation gives companies the opportunity to work with younger, skilled professionals that are highly specialized in a specific domain. It may also be too costly to hire such individuals on a permanent basis or, it may result in a challenge to source and hire these professionals within the amount of time required. 

IT staff augmentation is a solution companies should consider if they wish to hire professionals that have a specific skill set ‘’on the go’’ for a particular project or a fixed amount of time.

No more hiring and upskilling headaches

Another benefit of working with an IT staff augmentation company is that client companies no longer have to worry about going through the traditional hiring process which is bound to take more time and be more costly. In addition to that, companies are usually not prepared to invest in upskilling their current workforce to be qualified to take on new, specialized, or ‘’in-demand’’ projects. Because IT staff augmentation companies provide specialized talent the moment a client company needs it, client companies don’t have to take up the extra burden of upskilling and training their in-house employees.

Both cost and time play important roles whenever a company decides to upskill their employees and IT staff augmentation helps significantly reduce both by providing client companies with highly skilled professionals that can start working on a project successfully from day one.

Operational efficiency

Many companies are subject to high operations costs that may seem unfavorable, especially for smaller businesses. As service providers and partners, IT staff augmentation companies are able to lower the burden for client companies when it comes to operational costs. Some IT staff augmentation companies come ready with experience, resources, tools, software, and platforms that they have access to and know how to use. 

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