Top 10 Usability Testing Methods

Clear and intuitive navigation is the key to a successful (and fully functional) web page, there is no doubt about it, but how to achieve it effectively and without jeopardizing your current operations and the results of your business? Keep reading to learn how to carry out an audit and an intelligent analysis.

Internet users increase their number globally every hour, as well as increase the number of hours in which they browse internet sites, and by carrying out these actions that may seem methodic, they inadvertently provide more and more valuable information that can be used by companies to improve their websites intelligently, without falling into common mistakes and completely client-centered.

As a matter of fact, we cannot underestimate that digital users demand functional websites without interruption, with impeccable ease of navigation; they also want to find what they are looking for in the fewest number of clicks possible and, lastly, these users need that these sites are safe to be able to carry out all kinds of operations and transactions without putting your information and integrity at risk.

Reasons to carry out usability tests on your website

You must never stop optimizing: this advice has been a mantra for the technological field for a long time, considering that by carrying it out, platforms are optimized to offer better results and adapt to the technological evolution that does not stop for a single day.

In the case of a website, we must bear in mind that we are talking about a resource that must adapt based on the evolution in user behavior in order to understand its audience and, as a result, offer a pleasant digital experience.

By improving the content, the structure of your interface and optimizing the navigation and usability of your site, you are helping to obtain a bigger conversion rate, as well as reducing bounce rates and session abandonment in a short time.

In short, all the benefits that this regular audit generates are innumerable, so they must not be left out of your digital strategy.

Next, you will learn what methods you can implement based on your goals and common issues facing website interfaces.

Heat maps

Is it possible to visualize the user's navigation? Of course! Heat maps are digital tools that can identify the user's journey throughout the website, such as the most transcendental movements through the interface, the number of clicks and the areas where they occur the most, the viewing time in certain sections, among others.

Contact forms

As the user's opinion is the most important input, it is necessary to know their specific verdict about the website to know their digital experience through it. Therefore, there are several components that can be implemented on the website that contain questions to achieve this purpose.

Card sorting

Why not optimize before you start programming? This test suggests asking users about how they think the interface should be built, just for the purpose of predicting their behavior and meeting their expectations. It can also be carried out once the platform has been published.


Surveys are usually indisputable thanks to the veracity of the data they provide, so they are an excellent resource to find out the opinion of users about your website and obtain valuable information to optimize it.

Tests led by experts in the field

Are you interested in knowing the opinion of a person who knows in depth the industry you work in, as well as your website? This method known as "moderate usability testing" is directed by specialists in the field to obtain a more specific and professional diagnosis.

Laboratory usability tests

This type of test suggests accompanying the users during their journey through the interface, analyzing their actions on it and obtaining enough data to optimize intelligently. This type of test analyzes the behavior of a random group throughout our website, in addition to having the supervision of a user experience expert.

A/B tests

These tests are gaining ground in all digital fields, including social networks. It consists of having two different interfaces, testing them for a while, analyzing and defining which one works best to obtain the desired results, completely data-based. Likewise, by carrying out this type of experimental test, it is possible to detect the areas of opportunity in each one to build a single exceptional project.

5 second test

How fast is your page resolution level? Would you dare to say that it does it in 5 seconds? This test aims to find out, through the opinion of the users, if a page resolves doubts and fulfills its purpose after 5 seconds through its navigation.

Nothing replaces analytics

There are several free tools to collect data that, when fully exploited, allow gradual optimizations and insights into user interests and behavior, such as the number of clicks on certain areas, browsing time and transactions made.

What are your competitors doing?

No, we are not suggesting copying their websites, we are talking about learning from their experience. It never hurts to study and analyze similar websites to learn about new practices, novel components, and even visual graphic references that are more attractive to a certain audience. These learnings take time, strategy and a certain periodicity to evaluate how well they work and to be able to consider them for your own project.

If you are ready to apply all these methods so that your website is more than optimized and fancy for your customers, put yourself in the hands of the experts.

We are ready to help you so that you can achieve the results you are looking for through a functional website. We want to be your digital allies and we invite you to learn about our trajectory in the market creating digital architectures for our clients. Contact us and don't be left behind.

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