If one of your goals for 2022 is to retain your staff, use these 4 types of employee training

Keeping employees updated and expanding their skills offers managers a competitive and up-to-date work team, especially in the current digital and changing scenario.

Likewise, this practice results in a better positioning of companies in the market, in addition to encouraging the attraction of the best talent.

From the collaborator's perspective, feeling constantly supported and trained helps to improve self-confidence and in the activities carried out, which reduces the level of turnover and optimizes expenses and resources of the company.

If you are convinced to train collaborators to optimize your results, take note, the following information interests you.

4 types of training that you should not miss

As you surely know, there are many types of training that can be offered to employees, which depend on their functions, their skills and the moment in which it is taught.

Don't worry, we will tell you which ones are giving the best results, considering the current general circumstances.

  • Permanent training

With the growth of digital platforms, keeping your team up to date and ready to respond quickly and efficiently is more important than ever. Courses and certifications are always a must; they are vital and considered an intrinsic labor benefit, since their value impacts in many labor and personal areas of the collaborator.

  • Cross-teams interaction

There is no doubt that interaction between employees and collaborators has drastically decreased, so it is important to recover it intelligently and strategically. Many organizations mentor from one area to another, sharing knowledge that helps staff or across divisions.

This is even perceived as a new form of integration, considering the fact that now most of the collaborators' operations are remote.

  • The collaborator is first

With the increase in cases of anxiety and depression caused by confinement, companies teach courses or offer help to improve the mental state of employees.

Do not forget to use different digital media so that your collaborators feel your support at all times.

  • A new perspective

Career or work boredom? It can happen, especially in the current scenario. It is important that you carry out internal or external training. These must be focused on developing your collaborator's soft skills, as well as personal and emotional development, with which they can achieve a total balance and provide better work results.

Can you think of any others? Remember that this information can mark the success of your work team in the short, medium and long term.

At Icalia Labs we are always aware of this aspect, that is why our workforce is always developing their full potential through constant training, such as shared knowledge sessions, which is a plan of annual workshops that address different aspects of the personal and professional development of the people who are part of our family.

Click here to learn more about our work culture and how we encourage constant learning and training in our workforce.

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