Use a Design Sprint Process to Build Ideas First

It is a well known fact that success begins with an idea, and by combining this with current times, we find ourselves immersed in innovation and experience.

We live in a reality where we have learned to take our thoughts further, and now we are able to discern our chances of success based on the correct construction of long-term scenarios.

Being a work methodology, there is no better context to mention the term design sprint process. It is characterized by having ideas, structure and speed in its nature, and it is a proven method to carry out ideas and develop prototypes in an orderly manner, destined to become a final consumer product.

To approach the design sprint process, we invoke the Minimum Viable Product (MVP), which is nothing more than the prototype of the idea, which will determine its viability and reception in a specific target. An MVP has the function of verifying the functionality of a product, showing only its essence (it is not the final product). But what are the characteristics that it must fulfill so that we can learn from it? An MVP must be:

  1. Testable. It is the real value that people can visualize of a product.
  2. Usable. Although far from being the final version, the product must be usable.
  3. Lovable. Investment (conviction) is born from love.

A way to relate both terms is with the following Google Ventures phrase: “The Design Sprint gives teams a shortcut to learn without building and launching. You can fast-forward into the future to see your finished product and customer reactions, before making costly commitments.”

Principles to not fail in the attempt

Being the outline of an idea, we refer to the real time design sprint process which suggests planning and anticipation to facilitate the success of the MVP. It's a process, but it doesn't have to be complicated Here are some steps to make the Design Sprint a truly agile methodology:

  • Maximum duration of 2-3 months.
  • Align with customer expectations.
  • Define the main MVP interaction during the Design Sprint phase.
  • Implement essential secondary interactions during the MVP.
  • Prevent changes and keep a time margin.
  • The Design Sprint is an overview of the final product but not the MVP.

This means this methodology is closely related to the guarantee of the success of an idea, without endangering the resources and the operation of the companies.

Design Sprint & technology: winner combo!

A company in the search of technological innovation understands in advance that it is not just about buying and implementing digital products in its processes.

It is at this point when we talk about the design sprint process coupled with the digital growth of organizations, since it offers to promote digitalization without compromising the current operation.

After reading this information, you may be ready to carry out the construction of your product or idea to implement it in your organization, but why not leave it in the hands of the experts to ensure its success?

At Icalia Labs we are experts in this methodology that is changing the way of carrying out a project. We are the only that can demonstrate the scope of your initiative in a week through a functional prototype, in addition to reducing the risk in the development phase.

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