What Makes a Good User Experience and User Interface?

Is one of your priorities to offer a good user experience to your customers to ensure their loyalty and engagement with your company? If it is so, you have come to the right place. Learn in this article the 7 elements you need to implement to make your customers fall in love and get new prospects with a UI/UX strategy right to your business.

We live in a reality absolutely dominated by mobile devices, where people have made these devices a fundamental and irreplaceable part of carrying out their daily routine. In this context, companies and their leaders are increasingly interested in offering an unparalleled digital user experience through their different digital channels, so the main focus is on the user.

Likewise, this current context suggests that consumers are becoming increasingly demanding and are always looking to browse digital platforms in an agile and fast way and obtain a personalized experience.

Customers are literally forcing those responsible for customer experience to adapt to changes in order to respond to consumer expectations and emotions.

UI/UX: the art of designing unique experiences

It may be that the User Interface (UI) and the User Experience (UX) have similar names and can be easily confused with each other, but their purposes make them completely different.

Nothing like a comparison to clarify doubts before getting into the matter:

UI - User Interface is the way in which the user is guided and directed on their journey throughout the digital channels so that they perform the actions you are looking for. The basic principles of a viable UI is that it is not confusing, the buttons are clear and easily located.

UX - As its name implies, it refers to understanding how comfortable a user feels when browsing the various digital channels that a company offers. Basically, it answers the following questions: Did the user find what he was looking for? How long did it take him to find it? How much time is invested in finding direct contact with the company? How did your experience make the user feel? Did he leave his contact information? If he didn't leave them, what is the reason?

Both processes have a single purpose: to build and offer a user experience focused on the user expectation so that they perform key actions in a friendly way.

If you are ready to put this method into practice and offer a unique digital experience to your customers, read on.

How to generate a good user experience without dying trying?

By combining and acting in harmony, the UI and UX generate irreplaceable value to the digital strategy, since they increase the engagement of your audience in both the short and long term, increase your competitiveness and reputation in the market and generate more profitability for your business. Let's get started!

The art of knowing your audience

How can you create a digital platform if you do not know your target audience? If you were a client, what and how would you like to find your ideal service?

One of the principles that governs the digital field is that we must always know the main goal, as well as develop a complete empathy of the interests, behaviors and habits of our main target audience.

Remember that nothing replaces this step. It is the basis that will help you establish the structure and functionality of a final product that meets the expectations of its users.

Eye love is born

How well does your brand look on your digital channel? Is it visually appealing enough to capture your users' attention in less than 8 seconds?

Many studies suggest that visual structure is the most important element in whether or not users fall in love with a brand and the platform they are browsing. Make the right decisions when defining sizes, quality of images, text lengths and every single aspect of your layout. They all define your platform and set the first impression of your clients.

Never stop improving and don't forget the competitors

One of the benefits of digital channels and user experience is that there is always an area of opportunity, so optimization must be part of your strategy's DNA.

Remember that data is a good way to find these points of continuous improvement, so we recommend analyzing the journey and user behavior to make the right decisions to reduce the margin of error.

Additionally, a good practice is to test all the time to confirm the correct operation and response and navigation times.

On the other hand, what are your competitors doing? It is not about replicating, but about taking references to inspire you to see other angles of the needs of your clients. This intelligence can help you create the superior user experience.

Accessible, easy and organized

Among the new users' demands are: reduce the browser's response time, find quickly, intuitively and in a few steps what they are looking for. Try to build your platforms as functional as possible, as well as keep an eye on organization and updating.

Automation vs Personalization

How far should I automate actions or responses to the user? What is the ideal time to provide a personalized experience that does not lose sight of the experience of each user?

With the increased use of chatbots, there is a fine line between offering automated or personal customer support. This can be the difference between a pleasant or a frustrating experience. For instance, can a live chat be manned during critical hours of the day?

Analyze based on the channel, needs and preference of your customers, as well as the nature of your brand and the moment in which your customer is in.

It is not easy to trace the path to the ideal user experience, and at Icalia Labs we are aware of what this challenge represents nowadays, since many companies depend on providing an effective experience to their customers through digital platforms.

Since 2002 we have distinguished ourselves by providing personalized development services where the main focus is to improve the UI and UX to help our clients meet their goals through strategies to offer products tailored to their needs.

Learn more about these services and together let's take your company far beyond your initial expectations.

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