What to Look for in a Nearshore IT Staff Augmentation Provider

The benefits of nearshore

Nearshore IT staff augmentation is an outsourcing strategy that is solving many pain points for US companies, both big and small. Nearshore staff augmentation involves outsourcing IT talent such as software developers, DevOps engineers, and product managers from countries that are in the same geographic region as the parent company in an augmented or extended fashion. By going the nearshore route companies are able to maintain their production pace and quality standards while reducing significant operational costs in the process.

Companies are able to save time and money by only finding and hiring the talent they need when they need it. Hiring cycles are shortened and companies don't have to cover full-time employee costs because, through nearshore, service providers are essentially providing the talent a client company needs on a contract or temporary basis. Not only is the talent available when needed, but talent also comes highly skilled and specialized in what they do, meaning little to no training will be needed for them to start working on specific projects. 

Because nearshore is all about having teams working in the same or similar time zones, communication, collaboration, and efficiency are increased and teams are able to be more productive by not having to work across complicated time zones.  

While choosing nearshore IT staff augmentation as your next staffing and business strategy may seem like a ´´no-brainer´, who you choose as your nearshore service provider is what will ultimately define whether you and your projects will be successful or not.

Here, we discuss what to look for in a nearshore IT staff augmentation provider.

Value proposition, strengths & domain expertise

Once you have a clear idea of what your company needs, make sure you understand and agree with what your potential service provider is able to offer you. Do thorough research related to the value proposition being offered as well as the strengths and domain expertise of their augmented staff. Your business objectives should closely match what a potential provider can offer you and when in doubt, be clear about what you need and what your expectations are from the start.

Reviews, testimonials, and recommendations

Looking for reviews and testimonials from a service provider is a great way to get insight into how they operate and what their service is like. Usually, you can find customer testimonials directly on their website or on review sites. You might feel more comfortable with reaching out to a former client directly and that way you have the opportunity to ask specific questions that will give you the security you need about working with the service provider that interests you.

Reading up on case studies and customer success stories is a great way to learn more about how a nearshore IT staff augmentation provider has provided services in the past, what measures they took to work with their clients successfully and how they tackled the most challenging tasks and goals. 

Portfolio and customer industries

It's always a good idea to consider what industry knowledge a nearshore service provider has. Some providers have niche experience and industry knowledge, while others are more focused on providing services on a general scale. For example, some providers already have software developers and product managers with deep industry experience in areas like healthtech, edtech, and fintech

It's important to consider industry-specific experience when looking for a nearshore IT staff augmentation service provider as this will help you boost productivity while having the assurance that your outsourced team members are easily able to understand your business objectives and industry-specific needs. 

Once again, read up on industry success stories or, look at the service provider's customer portfolio to see who they have worked with and what industries they belong to.

Language & culture

Make sure you are specific about the language proficiencies you require for your projects. Nearshore IT staff augmentation enables companies in countries like the US to hire service providers and augmented team members from countries like Mexico. While geographical proximity and time zones align well, being able to communicate without any friction is just as important. If English proficiency is what you need, it is important for you to be specific about it from the start and have the guarantee that the extended nearshore team will be able to collaborate and communicate with your in-house team with ease. This way, you will avoid communication barriers down the road which could lead to potential project hiccups, mistakes, and difficulties. 

Communication & project management skills

Poor communication can result in huge losses for any company. When evaluating your next nearshore IT staff augmentation provider, ask them to give you a brief overview of how they establish goals, how they communicate both internally and externally, and how they manage overall projects, especially when considering project scope and deadlines. 

Security & safety measures

Data security and compliance are no longer a nice-to-have, but a necessity. When on the hunt for a nearshore staff augmentation partner, they need to be able to prove they are on top of data security and compliance as a company and are able to demonstrate it. Your service provider, especially in a remote setup, will need to keep all your data safe and secure for both your employees as well as your customers.

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