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The definitive data source for Industrial Real Estate Brokers

About the Organization

Datoz is a specialized firm in the Real State Industry, with a strong focus on warehouses. They provide listings and intelligence to brokers and companies regarding the status of the regional Real Estate Markets. We co-created with Datoz a digital platform to visualize and distribute their valuable data sets to key players in the Industrial Real Estate industry.

The Challenge

How to provide Real Estate data and intelligence in the best possible way?

Datoz already counted with a large corpus of data with relevant information about Industrial Ships in several Latin American regions. The main stopper was the state of their current technology, an outdated system depending on third-parties to analyze their data in a non-flexible manner. We agreed to migrate their legacy system into a more modern, reliable and accessible digital platform supporting different actors within the industry, supporting their growth objectives and allowing them to achieve their vision.

The approach we followed

We directly tackled the quote generation process, translating it to a digital survey and a compact backoffice for the staff. We also provided branding and naming design, completely revamping how the product looks and works on a digital context, aligning not only the product but the entire company communication.

The first step we followed was running a Product Design Sprint, in order to have a clear perspective of the most critical hypothesis and test them with potential customers. Through that exercise, we were able to not only scope a first version of the new platform, but also have a plan to manage the riskiest assumptions both in the business and technology context. Afterward, we could move into an agile process where we did releases within an aggressive timeframe, taking us less than 5 months to have the core of the platform migration along with its data, ready to be used by paying-customers in a complete whole different experience and value-driven product.


Availability Explorer

The main browsing screens allow for a smooth exploration of available properties for rent or sale, and toggling between list and map views aids the user to quickly find what he/she is looking for.

A robust set of filters also provide further scoping of the search, which allows brokers to quickly move in and out of detail. Individual property views provide the most detailed info about the properties on the listing, for users trying to sell or rent such properties.


Reports Generation

Aware of how insightful their data is, Datoz provides their users with a way to generate custom reports based on single properties, or groups of properties, helping them with the decision making process online and offline. This has been a differentiator since all this process is automated, translating part of their customer service into the hands of the end-user.

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