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Improving the costs and operations with Software in the Oil Field

About the Client

RTS provides infrastructure maintenance for Oil Drilling companies, helping them to maintain a healthy and functional inventory of equipment. Icalia and RTS worked together to develop a data intelligence platform, intended to better inform decision making for Oil Drilling companies.

The Challenge

How to obtain visible, valuable insight from existing data?

Derived from RTS’ maintenance services, their staff is able to acquire valuable data from the hundreds of wells they inspect. They were looking for a proprietary platform to display this data and provide their customers with highly valuable information about their infrastructure.


Considering the high value of the data, we focused on generating extensive graphs that provide summarized info to RTS’ clients. We wanted to turn away from data management alone, and provide actionable metrics in a very comprehensive way.

The Work

Map View of the Wells

By harnessing the geo data available for each well, we were able to display all wells in a map view; making the exploration process a visual and easy endeavor. Each marker in the map provides quick access to individual well status.

The Work

Well Snapshot

The Well Snapshot provides an in-depth look at the well and its performance over time. RTS’ customers are also able to upload their own data and obtain deeper insights on how is the well performing; the equipment’s weathering under specific soil conditions; and so on.

The Work

Well Grouping and Comparison

In order to reveal more complex relationships between wells, the user is able to group several wells (nearby or in different locations). This allows the user to identify patterns based on location, depth, topographical details of the well, and so on.

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