Solving technological challenges that accelerate value growth through digital software products.


We begin by creating a framework for the specific problem, mapping out potential scenarios, and suggesting the best-optimized route to meet our clients’ specific goals.

Icalia Labs offers custom software development services for any digital problem, providing a high-value digital experience to every user.

Custom Software development Services

Custom Software that provides the foundations of scalability.

Its concept, user experience, business logic and infrastructure, are planned and built to adapt to an end-to-end environment, where multiple users interact and fulfill their needs. We deliver products with outstanding development models, laying out a digital strategy that brings improvement to the whole business system.

Develop cross-platform (multi-device) web applications.

No matter the business and technology requirements, we design with “mobile-first” in mind and are prepared with the capabilities to design and develop web and mobile experiences in whatever device needed.

Facilitate the transition from legacy systems to modern environments.

Companies bound to legacy technology are stuck between an antiquated technology that is less than efficient, high maintenance to keep it running costs, and a worrisome security risk. Icalia Labs provides an efficient approach for modernizing legacy software. From minimizing risk and time-to-market to improving UX and UI, to seamless integration and cloud adoption.

Custom Software- product design services

Product Design

By combining strategy, usability, and user-friendly interactions, our design team will ensure that every product fulfills the needs of our clients and their business! By working alongside the client, we understand the perspective of the project and facilitate a path that will serve for future releases.

Quickly capture valuable insights and validate business ideas.

The use of modern design-oriented methods such as the Design Sprint is transforming and accelerating the Tech industry. At Icalia Labs we apply a collaborative methodology, adapted from Google Ventures Design Sprint, that can prototype, test, and validate business ideas in just 5 days. We constantly introduce state-of-the-art software practices.

A tailored and flexible solution to accelerate your execution of digital initiatives.

Icalia Labs facilitates a not-so-standard product design workshop. The activities can vary depending on the business problem. We often include problem framing, rapid prototyping, UI and User flow designs, user validation, user testing, and technical analysis.

Integrated Digital Transformation

We believe that learning and adapting to new frameworks will ultimately prove beneficial for any organization. We hold the digital transformation expertise required to accomplish and accompany clients into their journey towards change.  At Icalia Labs we bring a proven perspective that will enhance a client’s capabilities and prepare them for innovation as a default mode.

Custom Software - digital transformation services
Preparing technology assessments aligned to business objectives.

Icalia Labs will gather input from different expert roles, to understand the nuances of the current technology and nurture different strategies for future iterations or stages of the client’s initiative. We identify critical business risks derived from the technology aspect and prepare the space for operational efficiency and a successful migration plan.

Define the digital innovation path to implement.

Icalia Labs grasps the client’s current capabilities and defines what the company is able to accomplish at a given time. We align the strategic innovation vision and the company’s plans and outline a coherent and adaptable roadmap that serves the client’s purposes and efforts.

Adopt world-class software and agile practices with remote elite development teams.

Connecting companies with highly skilled software developers is not an easy task, especially when scaling is critical for business success. With Icalia Labs’ comprehensive remote staffing and hiring vision and help to seamlessly grow remote tech teams, clients will gain both knowledge and insights of satisfaction ratings that enable easier long-lasting relationships.