Custom Software Development

We provide custom software development services that leverage the power of technology to thrive in the digital transformation age.

At Icalia Labs, we help our clients design, validate & engineer custom software development solutions

Our team of experienced Agile developers has partnered with leading businesses cross-industry to build business-critical software applications since 2002. We specialize in complex, full-stack, mobile, web, and enterprise software development projects that drive growth and innovation. With our top talent and same-time zone collaboration, you can trust us to provide unparalleled expertise for your most strategic software builds. You know where your company needs to go, and we can help you to get there.

Nearshore Advantages

If you're looking for a cost-effective and easy way to manage your software development projects, outsourcing to English-speaking Agile experts in your time zone is the best option. With their knowledge and resources, you can ensure that your projects are handled efficiently and effectively.
We deliver fast results
Provide efficiencies that optimize budgets
Deliver high-quality products
Our development team is based in Mexico
Drive the business results you need

Custom Software Development

Icalia Labs provides custom software development solutions that empower clients to harness the potential of technology and attain their unique business objectives.

End-to-End Custom Software Development

A digital platform provides the foundations of scalability. Its concept, user experience, business logic and infrastructure, are planned and built to adapt to an end-to-end environment, where multiple users interact and fulfill their needs.

At Icalia Labs, we’re committed to developing custom software platforms, smoothly and quickly translating requirements into a product that works and scales.

We craft fresh and intuitive interfaces meeting user preferences and modern guidelines. Wireframes and clickable prototypes get to test the design before moving further.Icalia Labs will go above and beyond to help improve processes and develop software products using the customer's perspective. Our highly professional, scalable, and tech-savvy team, deliver results for complex software development on demand.

Web & Mobile Software Development

With more and more people using smartphones, having a mobile-friendly website is not a luxury anymore. No matter the business and technology requirements, we design with “mobile-first” in mind and are prepared with the capabilities to design and develop web and mobile experiences in whatever device needed.

Icalia Labs helps clients to develop cross-platform (multi-device) web applications, websites, and mobile app experiences with native and/or hybrid technologies. Our proven web & mobile development experience and robust project management processes, resulting in engaging UI and great usability experience. With Icalia Labs as your tech partner, you have the confidence that we will tailor the best fit technology solution that your web and mobile development requires.

Legacy Software Modernization

Companies bound to legacy technology are stuck between an antiquated technology that is less than efficient, high maintenance to keep it running costs, and a worrisome security risk. Icalia Labs provides an efficient approach for modernizing legacy software. From minimizing risk and time-to-market to improving UX and UI, to seamless integration and cloud adoption. We can integrate new software with other tools you already use, whether they are custom-made or platform-based.

Icalia Labs will analyze the legacy technology ecosystem, develop clear requirements, and create a roadmap to upgrade and integrate the legacy software systems. We strive to build integrated technology solutions where software systems share information, data is up to date and security risks are eliminated.

We offer solutions that facilitate the transition from legacy systems to modern environments that leverage cloud, data warehousing, business intelligence, security, and agile development methodology.

At Icalia Labs, we offer custom software development services that enable clients to leverage the power of technology and achieve their specific business goals.

Our experienced Agile developers work on developing solid planned custom software solutions, creating   full-stack, mobile, web, and enterprise software development projects that drive growth and innovation. Along with top talent and same time zone collaboration, Icalia Labs offers unparalleled expertise for strategic, time sensitive software projects.

Design Services

Creating a product with a seamless and purposeful experience is crucial. At Icalia, we prioritize designing products that are both visually appealing and fully functional. Our design process involves developing a comprehensive product that can be easily adapted for future use without sacrificing any user interaction or value.

Digital Design

Digital designs are crafted specifically for devices, taking into account factors like user experience, interactivity, differences in screen size and more. Our design capabilities include:

  • Designing Websites architecture and web pages
  • Designing Web applications
  • Mocking up mobile-first and/or responsive websites that look good on all sizes of screens
  • Coding pages or sites using basic languages like HTML and/or styling those projects via CSS stylesheets or CSS framework (this is increasingly part of the role, though not universal)
  • Project managing, including overseeing teams and/or clients

Design Sprints and Workshops

Helping solve complex digital challenges that enable clients to innovate for the future.

  • Prioritizing the needs and problems for customers
  • Proving the vision of the new digital business initiative
  • Pivoting the model, if it doesn't align with the market
  • Aligning a product-market-fit route through a prototype-solution
  • Reducing the risk and uncertainty in the development phase
  • Quick prototyping for real user testing
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