IT Staff Augmentation

Our services range from providing fully managed delivery teams to individual IT staff augmentation, allowing you to quickly extend your software development team.

Extend or reinforce your software development in-house team with our IT Talent Augmentation services

Ensuring you have access to the knowledge and capabilities required to become a cohesive and reliable software development team, tackling any project! Don't let staffing limitations hold you back - we'll help you achieve your goals.

IT Staff Augmentation

Hire the perfect developer when you need them.

Icalia Labs has developed hundreds of projects and has extensive experience in multiple industries and verticals using both staff augmentation and delivery teams. Our software developers, architects, and project managers are able to deliver the ultimate outcomes you need.

Advantages of Icalia Labs talent augmentation service:

  • Advantageous rate structure, time-zone & cultural alignment, and language proficiency
  • World-class software developers and designers
  • Quickly fill in capacity-gaps or skills-gaps on your team to deliver faster
  • Flexible short, medium, and long-term project duration, tailored for your needs

Custom Pods

A team of designers, developers and built-in quality success practices

Looking for a reliable team to handle your software development and design needs? Look no further than Icalia Labs Pods! Our team of experts is available to quickly execute your projects, with customizable skill sets to ensure the best fit for your specific needs.

Advantages of Icalia Labs Pods:

  • Customizable bundled services ensure success
  • Fixed monthly price for a team of software experts
  • Scaleable based on your needs. Pods have 2-5 team members and success practices are always included.

Advantages of Icalia Labs - IT Talent Augmentation service:

Advantageous rate structure, time-zone & cultural alignment, and language proficiency
Quickly ramp-up up your software development capacity
We've built hundreds of projects, in different industries
Highly adaptable Software Developers rooted in a culture of innovation
Immediate access to experienced Software Designers and Software Architects
With our success practices in place, you can rest assured that your project will be delivered on time and with the highest quality. Don't settle for anything less than excellence - choose Icalia Labs Pods for all your software development and design needs.

Software Development

Our Core Expertise

We specialize in utilizing the latest technology trends to develop essential software applications for our partners. Our team of skilled software developers will work closely with you to engineer your project, ensuring it is scalable, high-performing, and optimized for the best framework.

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