Your vision into action.

We guide our clients through an agile process, staying ahead of their competition and leveraging opportunities with digital products.

Our Advantages



More than a service provider we like to be your strategic partner along the way.



Providing you the most desired team, caring about decisions within the products.



We understand the importance of deliverables, management and collaboration.


Understanding the problem

We believe in products able to change and ready to scale based on their demand. We cannot build a product without prioritazing the most important functions and the way to measure them in order to make a possitive impact in the people willing to use it.

Perfect Balance


Understanding the user

We believe not only in working products, but also usable, useful and intuitive experiences. We live in a world where people don't need to adapt to the technology, it is the technology the one that will adapt to the user conditions. Design is the discipline making this possible.


"Icalia has a great team with passionate, experienced and honest people. Not only did they do a great job at designing and developing the app, but they helped us through the entire app deployment process."

Javier Ramirez / CEO Gidit

"I used to have some tech partners issues. Now I can focus on my startup strategy and just trust in this guys; as an start-up CEO there is not such a good felling."

José Miguel Sainz / CEO & Co-founder Printoo
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