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Powering AI
Intelligent Automation:
Automate complex processes to focus on enhancing operational efficiency, reducing costs, and improving customer experiences by automating tasks that traditionally require human intervention.
Machine Learning:
Implement models that can analyze large volumes of data, identify patterns, and predict outcomes. You can enhance decision-making, automate predictive tasks, and gain insights into customer behavior, market trends, and operational inefficiencies.
Predictive Analytics:
Offering a comprehensive approach to forecasting future events, these services utilize historical data and advanced analytics techniques to help businesses predict trends, behaviors, and outcomes.
AI not only assists but empowers
AI Powered Chatbot
for Health Care
Project Management Copilot
for Tech
Accurate Operations Platform
for Automotive Retail
AI Powered Chatbot
‍‍for Tech
To transform clinical trial exploration, integrating AI technology in healthcare we built an AI-powered chatbot with LLM (Large Language Model) capabilities allowing users to navigate and explore an extensive range of clinical trials while unlocking comprehensive details for specific search criteria.
Accurate Operations Platform
for Automotive Retail
AI business services sync databases together for accurate KPI reporting, we helped a client use AI technologies to enhance their sales KPI dashboard taking them to a whole new level.

This project involved:
Developing an AI Back End Model to read and interpret siloed database
  • Developing an AI Back End Model to read and interpret siloed database
  • Taking the information from the siloed databases for Front End dashboards to showcase
  • Allowing companies to have updated, relevant KPI information at their fingertips for better decision making
Project Management Co-Pilot
for Tech
To enable better project visibility and organization among teams, we developed a PMO Co-Pilot–an AI module designed to provide intelligence capabilities to low code applications involving:
  • Accurate, real-time information for multiple projects at a time
  • Team performance monitoring
  • Live advice for continuous improvement
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