Expanding the pharmaceutical market through a custom software solution

Icalia Labs worked alongside Drugstore Inc. to create the OkuFarma platform. This innovative initiative aimed toprovide a custom software solution for patients to find a complete and reliable database of medications.

The Challenge

How can we make a reliable software development that enables both physicians and patients to have a trusted go-to platform?

Innovation Workshop
Legacy Software Modernization*
In a region where reliable medication was traditionally confined to physical drugstores, the need for a paradigm shift in medical distribution became imminent. The vision was grand - to construct a robust structure and emerge as the Amazon of pharmacological treatment in Latin America. OkuFarma sought to be more than a platform; it aspired to be a singular source of truth, offering a complete repository of every product and medication a patient might require.
Leveraging our Innovation Workshop service to define customer goals and construct a pragmatic roadmap before delving into development.
Transparency as a differentiator
Transparency became our guiding principle, distinguishing OkuFarma as a beacon of clarity in an industry where misinformation can have dire consequences. The health sector requires unambiguous information, devoid of gimmicks, especially when it comes to issues of discounts or product availability.
Loyalty programs
Recognizing the effectiveness of loyalty programs and word-of-mouth referrals in the health sector, we strategically incorporated these elements into our solution.
Synchronization of available data
However, the synchronization of available data emerged as a formidable challenge. Integrating data from diverse sources with distinct vendors and formats demanded more resources than initially anticipated. Despite the intricacies, our commitment to transparency led us to confront this challenge head-on.
In navigating this venture, we remain steadfast in our commitment to guiding our clients through uncharted territories, infusing every step with trust, authority, and an unwavering passion for pushing boundaries. Our Innovation Workshop served as a valuable insights and achievements, allowing us to:
Mitigating risks through
strategic validation
Validate risk assumptions for Drugstore Inc.'s new business model, preserving valuable resources and efforts.
Navigating digital landscapes
Gain profound insights into the behavioral patterns and expectations of the customer segment in a digital context.
Charting a course for innovation
Uncover technological and business challenges, offering a roadmap for Drugstore Inc.'s ambitious goals.
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