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Speaking digitally to the hispanic market in the mortgage industry with a unique strategic development solution

Icalia Labs orchestrated a strategic development solution, employing cutting-edge tools to pave the way for Hispanics aspiring to achieve the American Dream.

The Challenge

To bridge the gap in the housing market, with a comprehensive and user-friendly platform

Design Sprint
Custom Development
A vision – to democratize the American Dream for every Hispanic family. Understanding the challenges of a high percentage of rejected loan applications, we collaborated with Vamonos Realty to construct a holistic digital ecosystem. This ecosystem, tailored for a specific niche, aimed to provide a personalized strategic development solution, leveling the playing field for Hispanics through tools, advice, and guidance on their journey to homeownership.
Vamonos’ focal point was to create a strategic development solution that generates a personal touch with every customer. With an efficient streamlined process, we were able to support the Hispanic community aspiring to become homeowners.  

We created an end-to-end digital platform with personalized solutions that build trust and a strong communication bond between customers and Vamonos. Within the platform, we added a variety of personalized mortgage tools users can take advantage of.
Rent-o-meter calculator
A tool that goes beyond mere numbers, allowing customers to compare monthly rent with the cost of owning a home. It provides insights into potential savings and the 'break-even point' of the investment.
Property viewing:
A single online view of the property, complete with detailed pictures and specifications, enhances the customer's ability to inspect estates. The Rent-o-Meter Calculator is seamlessly integrated into this viewing experience.
Vamonos mobile site
A mobile-friendly interface ensuring users can effortlessly explore properties, view images, access technical details, and utilize the Rent-o-Meter Calculator on the go.
In guiding Vamonos through this technological evolution, Icalia Labs remains committed to blending trust, authority, and passion, ushering in a new era where the American Dream is truly inclusive and accessible to all. This isn't just about a digital platform; it's about empowering a community during pivotal moments in their lives.
62% Growth
A remarkable 62% growth rate in hispanic customers within the mortgage industry.
Segmented products
Recognition that segmented products for the hispanic community are not just well-received but crucial. Icalia Labs succeeded in delivering a sophisticated digital solution that addresses critical financial decisions within Hispanic households.
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